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Become a Billionaire with Idle Airport Tycoon: The Ultimate Simulation Game

Prestige feature can be found in all the Idle games. When you use this feature, you get the investors. And each investor provides +10% income bonus to the airport. And it would be the permanent bonus. On the main screen of the game, at the top-right corner, near the gear icon, tap the notebook icon. There you can see the progress; When you prestige you get: X number of investors. You will be able to use this feature once you attract 30 investors.

idle airport tycoon

How to get investors? The investor can be attracted by collecting more money. In short, as you earn more money, the investor will start paying attention to your airport business. Gather 30 investors to use this feature.

A point will come when tapping the road would not make you profitable. And in that situation, offline earnings would be the main source of income. By default, the airport has one fuel tank(tank is required to keep the system in work when you are offline). And you can build one more for 10,000 cash. This will increase the offline earnings as the 2nd tank will be used to fly the planes when you are not playing the game.

Instead of spending the diamonds in buying boosters, you should invest in the cards. These cards provide permanent bonuses to the airport forever. You would not lose this bonus even after using the prestige feature or developing the flights.

Prestige is one of the best ways to take your airport to a next level. Each investor will grant you +10% bonus income to the airport. However, you will lose the progress; money, lab upgrades, airport upgrades(terminals, transport). But in return, you get the investors. Make sure to use it often to claim up to 300% bonus income buff.

Take care of your passengers and offer them the best travel experience. Happy tourists bring in more money to purchase and develop the resources needed to keep improving your airport and aircraft. Upgrade the airport facilities and services to create the most popular airport in the world!

Smart airport managers make smart decisions all the time. Decide which new services to make available and buy new planes to improve your aircraft fleet. Unlock new designs and bigger airplanes to earn more money. Upgrade your airport into a spaceport and conquer the space tourism industry.

Idle Airport Tycoon is a new tappy airport management simulator for the iOS and Android platforms where you run your own airport, pull in as many passengers as you can, and make a massive amount of money while doing it. You can upgrade your planes, your tarmac, terminal, vehicles, do research on new technologies, and more, while earning massive amounts of coins. Read on for some tips, chetas, hints, strategies, and tricks for Idle Airport Tycoon!

Idle Airport Tycoon is a game where you can develop your own business of flights. In this game, you can become the owner of an airline company. Your main purpose is to manage your company in an efficient way, so more people choose your airline to travel. In this game, you can buy airports, and you can also buy a lot of planes to ensure the quality of travel.

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There are various kinds of planes you can buy, and they provide people with customized flights to increase attraction towards your flight. You can hire staff for your company that helps you manage the business and upgrade your airport to get some extra facilities.

In idle airport Tycoon, you can have your own airport, and you have to manage the airport in an efficient way. To get the most profit, you can expand your business, buy more planes, and even introduce customized flights for the people, so they choose your airline before anyone else. There are different airports in this game, and you can unlock new airports to customize them for different purposes. You can even play it without being online because you just have to manage an airline company, and after that, you can earn money automatically.

The Mod of the Idle Airport Tycoon provides unlimited money, so you can easily buy new planes and hire as many staff as you want. There are no restrictions regarding the airports, and all the airports are available to you. You can also enjoy the gameplay without any unwanted advertisements.

You should download the Idle Airport Tycoon Mod APK because by downloading this Mod version, you can expand your business in many ways. As you will have unlimited money, you can invest this money in different airline companies and get the new airports.

To download the idle Airport Tycoon Mod APK on your device, you can click on the link available in this article. After that, you can go to the downloads on your device and find the APK file. By clicking on it, you can install it on your device and start playing it.

If you want to know how people manage their airline companies, this game is the best platform. You can learn a lot from this game, and it also helps you kill your boredom. If you want unlimited money and free airports in this game, you can download Idle Airport Tycoon Mod APK.

You get money in Idle Airport Tycoon by participating in missions.Q. How can I get new airports in Idle Airport Tycoon?You must complete different tasks to unlock the new airports in Idle Airport Tycoon. 4.8 / 5 ( 50 votes )Recommended for YouCar Simulator 2 Pro Apk

There's a population model behind: each flight carries people between airports. The seat occupancy rate depends on the population (how many people are in this city) and supply (i.e. how many air routes are available). There are also airport upgrades, which will boost the city's population. So in theory, you can go crazy with this and calculate the optimal airports to buy and routes to upgrade.

? Airport Tycoon is a fun management game and you can play it online and for free on Congrats! You now own your own airport. Can you handle the tough business without failing? To become an Airport Tycoon you must use your seed money to make some changes to this place as you aim to keep the happy factors in tact. You will see the results after each month.

Try to achieve the best outcome possible to gain tons of money. Choose your destination and build runways, manage the cafe and keep your security and baggage handling staff happily. Hire celebs to promote your airport and most importantly - earn as much money as you can! Can you manage the airport effectively enough to get the highest score? Find out now and much fun with Airport Tycoon!

Discover your inner manager!Build and manage your own airport! Handle aircrafts, manage boarding processes, earn money and upgrade your stuff. Become a billionaire and reach 5 prestige stars! That is your own venture!

Provide excellent service to your passengers. Happy travelers bring more money to upgrade your airport and planes. Upgrade the airport to make it the most popular in the world. Develop a business strategy to help your transportation business grow and increase revenue. Invest in your research department to improve airport offerings and attract more tourists. Develop a business strategy that will help your transportation business thrive while keeping passengers happy and increasing profits. Be sure to invest in your research department as this will help you improve the airport services and make it the most popular with tourists.

Idle Airport Tycoon is a simulation game. In this simulation game, you have to build your virtual airport. In this task, you can use your creativity. With the help of your creativity, you can build your dream airport. You not only have to build the airport but you also have to manage the management of the airport.

You have to unlock all the resources that are important and must-have in an airport. After that, you can unlock airplanes and aircraft. You can also upgrade these resources. Download this game for free and unlock all the resources of this game for free. You will find this game easy as well as high-quality graphics while playing. All these features are free to download and also free to use.

Idle Airport Tycoon APK is an airport simulation game developed by Codigames. Most of the features of this game are free to use in the standard version. The locked features are premium features that you can buy and after buying you can use those features. There are many things and features that are locked in the standard and unpaid versions of this game. You can get this version for free. Like all other standard versions, this game also shows ads on the screen on the game. You can also remove ads in the premium and purchased versions of this game,

There are different facilities in this game that you can use and provide in your airport. You can unlock and use all those facilities for your virtual airport. These are unlimited and luxury facilities.

In the mod version of this game, a player can get unlimited money. This money is absolutely free in the mod version. There is nothing that you can pay to get this unlimited money. You can use this unlimited money to unlock new resources for your airport. This money can not be finished.

Provide excellent service to your passengers. Happy travelers bring more money to upgrade their airport and plane. Upgrade the airport to make it the most popular in the world. Develop a business strategy to help your transportation company grow and increase profits. Invest in your research department to improve airport offerings and attract more tourists. Develop a business strategy that helps your transportation business thrive while keeping passengers happy and increasing profits. Make sure you invest in your research department as it will help you improve the airport services and make it the most popular among tourists.

If you are a business lover, you have one more option to experience. Idle Airport Tycoon will open a big business project for you in the aviation industry. The feeling of owning an airport you build will be unique. This is your chance to go through each stage of a business organization yourself. If you are passionate about business but do not have the courage to do it, this is the choice for you. Experience all it takes to be an entrepreneur. The results will soon be in your hands, bringing you considerable wealth.


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