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Space Colony HD CRACKED MULTi5-GOG Torrent: A Guide to the Features, Languages, and Tips of the Game

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Space Colony HD CRACKED MULTi5-GOG Torrent

The misadventures of a space mouse, the untold story of the founder of the Mouse Space Colony Association! The colony is a testbed for a new form of life - the softwire. The softwire thrives in deep space, unencumbered by the laws of nature. To give the colony a fighting chance, space junky Ssien must win the highest price in the colony: the MaxiSoft prize. But the humans arent the only ones after Ssien. The vermin, the toughs, the evil shadowy space agency, the thief and robber, the clone merchants and even the inter-galactic gods are all out to win the MaxiSoft prize. In this fight to the death, how far will Ssien be willing to go? Its Ssien up to you, the mouse of the Mouse Space Colony Association, to keep your colony from destruction!

Theres no rest for the weary travelers in this hit space colony simulation - youve got the biggest project of your life to keep employees happy, so why aren t you working on it?! Find supplies, hire workers, and research alien life - its all up to you in this fast-paced space colony simulation.

- Time to build! Construct the main colony buildings, research alien species, and use diplomacy to keep your workers happy!- Smart colonists will come to you with their needs, then return to their workstations to do their job! Each gets a blue dot on the colony map- Every building has its own unique purpose, so plan out your colony the way you think best!- Can you keep your workers happy with less than one day per week of rest? Can you keep them happy for two days per week? How much do they need a nap per day? Pick up some comforts in our vending machines and expand your base to keep those workers happy!- Strategize trade routes with other colonies and trade goods for a better chance of success!- Download Space Colony HD to access the full, cooperative/competitive gameplay!


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