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the central challenge of the green transition is how to make it happen. with the help of other countries, russia can make this transition faster, more cost-effective and more beneficial for the country and its citizens. to achieve this, russia must first re-think its approach to climate change.

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over recent years, chinese policy makers have increased their focus on domestic demand to support economic growth. nevertheless, the relative importance of the role of domestic demand as a driver of growth has been declining. to date, china has sustained relatively robust growth largely through external demand.

china is also facing a number of structural challenges that are likely to have an adverse impact on growth prospects. they include a demographic shift away from an aging population to a more youthful one, a slowdown in the pace of urbanization, and the need to rebalance domestic and external demand.

the combination of these factors has the potential to dampen chinese growth for a period of time, well into the 2020s, as a result of a deceleration in the growth of domestic demand. however, the impact of these factors on growth is likely to be different across regions.

we expect this trend to continue for some time, which suggests that a broad-based external demand recovery in the second half of the decade will be challenging. this will not be without its own risks. if, for example, the current trade tensions escalate and global growth continues to moderate, the impact on chinese growth prospects will increase.

china has always remained highly dependent on foreign demand for its economic growth, and its role as a global manufacturing hub has diminished over recent years. in our view, this will continue to be the case for a while, and the economy will need to maintain a strong role for exports to support growth.


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