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CREATION by Terry Yeo strives to increase the level of game play of each and every CREATOR who

is in our community. The differentiating factor between CREATION and other badminton

academy in Singapore is in our training program.

Being in the international badminton scene for more than a decade, Terry concluded that every individual is

unique, have different strengths and weaknesses. There isn't a one perfect set of training that would

suit every badminton player. Terry believes that training programs should be customised and catered for

different players and creating their own unique playing style that would elevate their game play level

tremendously, hence the start-up name CREATION. Terry is dedicated to customise each and every

training program personally to ensure the efficiency and quality of each session.

Individuals who join us are referred to as CREATORS and anyone can be one. You may be an aspiring

badminton player who wish to represent your school, club or country. With the vast experience and countless matches contested, Terry has an eye in spotting weaknesses and customising an efficient

training program that would shorten the time needed to achieve these goals. If you are a passionate

recreational badminton player who wants to increase your weekly game play experience, Terry will also

personally customise a set of training program that would give you greater satisfaction playing the sport.

"I personally love badminton since a young age and I am one of the lucky few who was able to make a career

out of my passion. I am very thankful that I was able to clinch a couple of medals at 2 SEA Games with the

support of SBA and Singapore Sports Council. I am pleased to know that badminton is one of the most popular sports in Singapore and would love to reach out to all badminton enthusiasts in the country. The purpose of

starting CREATION was to provide a platform not just to increase the level of Singapore badminton, but also to create a community that would gather badminton lovers, mingle, share experiences and play the sport we

all love together. There are no lousy players in my eyes, these players just haven't got the right guidance.

Hit us up, join CREATION and be a CREATOR for your own ___________ ."

- Terry Yeo

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Terry was in the international badminton circuit for more than a decade bagging multiple medals from the SEA Games, National Championships and World Airline Badminton Championships. Passion was his main driver throughout all the years and he has no regrets sacrificing his youth and education for all the valuable experiences accumulated. Now that Terry is no longer competing internationally, he would like to give back to the country by imparting all his skills and experiences to any badminton enthusiasts who have the same passion for badminton, hence the start-up "CREATION".

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